Fee-only comprehensive financial planning with a focus on small business retirement plans and young, independent professionals & their families throughout Minnesota.


With a step-by-step process to help clarify goals, clients are able to get rid of distractionsreduce financial stress, and increase the amount of time spent experiencing life.


Who we serve

Established small business owners - less than 250 employees - that have transitioned from "start-up mode" to "growth mode" who live in Minnesota or have their primary business location in Minnesota and who are looking to maximize tax savings while attracting and retaining top talent that will help grow the business.

Independent professionals between the ages of thirty and fifty-five in Minnesota who want to start planning for their retirement but may not know where to begin.




Welcome to the Northwoods

Hi, I'm corey Purkat, Certified Financial Planner™

Born and raised in Minnesota, my parents made sure to introduce me to the outdoors at an early age. By the time I was deciding where to go to college, a major factor in my decision process - after all the academic reasons of course - was the proximity of public access for hunting, fishing, or camping.  The values, character, and lessons of hard work learned from growing up a sportsman translate directly into the way we help our clients with their financial goals.



Financial Planning

401(k) Plan Advisory