I can't remember the first fish I ever caught but it definitely was an experience that had a lasting impression, that's for sure.

Spending time on the water, in the woods, or on the road to wherever we were headed, provided the opportunity for my dad to share his love for the outdoors with me. He taught me about the responsibility, stewardship, and integrity involved with being a sportsman, something that is echoed through many other households across Minnesota.


Fun Fact:

Was part of a travel-magazine's cover page for a year after a catch of a lifetime - 44 inch Northern Pike - on a trip to Manitoba, Canada.



Professional Background


When my grandfather took his dream-vacation to Alaska a number of years ago, I had a bittersweet feeling about it. On one hand, it was great to see the excitement on his face when he talked about it. On the other, it was disappointing that he wasn't able to take this trip until he was well over 70 years old or enjoy it the way he would have been able to if he had been much younger. 

The reason Northwoods Financial Planning focuses on planning for retirement is because we want you to know that you don't have to wait until your 70 years old to take your dream-vacation - proper planning and considering your entire financial life will give you this flexibility. 

If you care to learn a bit more about my professional background, feel free to take a look at my LinkedIn Page.


Personal Background


My wife Jen and I live in Oakdale, MN with our two beautiful daughters, Addison Vail & Carrington Alice. 

Jen is an Early Childhood Education teacher in the local school district - every family that she works with is lucky to have someone as passionate as her on their side!

Cooking on the grill - anything really - is something we both enjoy and one of our favorite things to cook on the grill is hand-tossed BBQ Chicken Pizza.